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Twice monthly doses of punk, hardcore, hip-hop, and other far-out sounds from around the globe.

HDD Radio #143: Milk is Spillin'

This one is all over the place. But aren't they all. Tracklist: Planet Pump – Chair to the Face (Haze) Planet Pump – You Wouldn’t Last a Day (Cocaine ...
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HDD Radio #142: The Breakfast Flub

Loads of demo tapes, and some other stuff. Thanks for listening! Tracklist: Reserving Dirtnaps – No Consent True Vision – Foolproof Tied Down – Nothin...
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HDD Radio #140: Earth, Sun, and Goon

Sonic mishmashing for breakfast. Eat Eat Eat. Tracklist: Atrament – Plague Upheaval Tragedy – The Grim Infinite Skitsystem – Snutstat Wolfpack – Shits...
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HDD Radio #138: Pretty in Stink

Happy New Year? You tell me. Tracklist: Too Short – Ain’t Nothin’ but a Word to Me (feat Ice Cube) IAMPAUL – Blind Individuals Bacon Grease – I Want t...
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