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A podcast by the Housecoat Mafia for the followers and converts of the Housecoat Mafia

Episode 37- ACAB 2020-

After another 2 week hiatus(sorry) we return to discuss the absolute mayhem of a post(?) covid world. Uprisings are happening worldwide including in t...
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Episode 35 - Season 2

Welcome back after a scare a couple weeks ago involving chlorine gas we are back to talk about the wacky satire hell world where we all live Get on th...
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Episode 33 - Assault & Cough

This week we talked about the dangers of giving cops power to arrest people for coughing. Gave some ideas for workers on political power in this momen...
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Episode 32 - Overplayed Pandemic

We talked this week about what else? PANDEMIC. I know it sounds like we are trying to downplay during this episode more like put it into proper perspe...
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Episode 30- TP Hoarders Anonymous

In lieu of an episode description we must provide this warning for the public instead. TP Hoarders Synodrome: symptoms include loading bulk tp in cost...
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Episode 29 - the Hour of the Time

Dove off the deep end into “conspiracy” and randomness this week we are a very serious podcast follow on twitter @hcmpodcast Get on the email list at ...
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Episode 28 - Licking Culture

This week we covered Bernie Sanders “falling” into first place in the u.s. democratic primaries. Liberals and Conservatives being the same. More criti...
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