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A collection of audio and video resources of lectures, seminars and presentations from the Department's humanities' programmes.

Was Schubert a musical brain?

Prof. Raymond Tallis deepens his argument against the idea that we are our brains. He believes there is a distinction in kind between humans and other...
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Spiders, yes, but why cats?

Prof.Iain McGilchrist illustrates his argument by appeal to a number of paintings done by psychotic patients. He points to various commonalities betwe...
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Am I my mind?

Prof. Iain McGilchrist, whilst agreeing with Tallis that we are not our brains argues that we can learn a great deal about our culture by learning mor...
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Am I my brain?

Prof. Raymond Tallis argues that extraordinary claims have been made for neurophysiology. For example it has been said that a person is nothing but hi...
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Talking to Camera

A new one-day course at the Department for Continuing Education taught by Paul Heiney, writer and broadcaster, this course is intended to help people ...
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