I Queer That!

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Lesbian ace host Sarah Brown chats with queer guests to discuss their personal opinions and experiences across an array of queer topics.

Ep 6: Who was your Comp Het Crush?

Sarah (she/her) and Emma (she/her) discuss their personal experiences with compulsory heterosexuality (comp het), growing up convincing themselves tha...
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Ep 5: Go At Your Own Pace

Sarah (she/her) and Anna (she/her) discuss their personal experiences regarding virginity, the misogynistic roots of virginity and virginity tests, mi...
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Ep 4: Respect My Fucking Pronouns

Sarah (she/her) and Sody (they/them or xe/xir) discuss their personal experience with pronouns, the many different pronoun sets they've come across an...
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Ep 3: Getting Bi

Sarah (she/her) and Troi (he/him) discuss bisexuality from a male perspective, why men find it harder to accept their bisexuality and the importance o...
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Ep 2: Spill the Bisexuali-Tea

Sarah (she/her) and Steph (she/her) discuss Steph's personal experiences regarding her bisexuality and the discrimination bisexuals often face from bo...
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