If I Only Knew


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Taking different topics and discussing how I have struggled and learned different lessons in life. Hopefully the different conversations I have on this podcast can be helpful, and that many different people can relate.

Pet peeve

Hi, This is part one of a series I think I am gonna start doing her I give some pet peeves of mine. These videos will be maybe once or twice a month d...
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Sign Of The Times

Is it just me or did it seem like people in their 20s seemed a lot older and more mentally put together than now, or were they just hiding it well? In...
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Be very intentional in where you put your energy into. You cannot say that you want to be successful in something when you only believe and put a smal...
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Left Behind

Being able to utilize people's talents to their fullest without judging and pushing them aside based on environments and backgrounds. Too many kids ha...
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Have you ever been in a funk where you do not feel like doing anything at all but just laying down? Do you have ways to combat those feelings or do yo...
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Birthday Episode

Briefly discuss how the previous year had been going for me, and how I am looking forward to seeing what year 26 has in store for me! Do not forget to...
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I give my thoughts on Juneteenth being passed as a national holiday and why that isn't enough anymore! We cannot get too caught up in emotional gestur...
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Quick Update

This week is just a quick update on where I have been, and what I have been working on for the podcast. Posts will resume as normal just make sure you...
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Are you more aware or self-conscious about your physical scars of mental ones? In this episode, we discuss how it is important to face our insecuritie...
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Strong Friends

Here we discuss strong friends, and why it is important to not always rely on them to keep picking up our lives especially when we are not checking in...
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