If You Can Keep Your Head


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Adam and Kayla sit down to discuss different political issues from central and left leaning view points. We laugh, we yell, we listen. Can we keep our heads, or will we get too angry to discuss things rationally?

Episode 11: Make It Rain

We’re back from our brief hiatus! This week, we discuss another conspiracy. This time the focus is on HARP and if the government is controlling the we...
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Episode 9: Illuminati confirmed

We change things up this week! We each chose a topic and didn’t tell each other what we chose. Tune in as we tackle the war on drugs and the Illuminat...
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Episode 6: Define Morality

It’s a real hot button issue this week: abortion. Kayla is vehemently pro-choice, while Adam has some reservations. Kayla may or may not lose her temp...
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Episode 5: Fun with Statistics

This week we tackle gender equality and the gender wage gap. I’ll let you guess which side we are each on. Kayla and Adam get pretty heated in this di...
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An Eye For An Eye

An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind... or does it? Capital Punishment is currently allowed in 30 states. Adam is all for it, while Kayla is ...
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It’s Science, Bitch

It’s time to discuss transgender rights and equality. We delve into the science behind biological sex and gender, transgender athletes, and issues fac...
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Episode 2: Shall not infringe

Guns, mass shootings, and the 2nd amendment. Where do we stand? Email us your thoughts at keepyourheadpodcast@gmail.com --- Send in a voice message: h...
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