IMperfectly Healthy


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IMperfectly Healthy: where the psychology, science and spirituality of health and wholeness meet. Guests on this show share their own stories, solutions and wisdom related to all levels of health: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. There are many doorways to transformation. From body image, emotional eating, the mind-body connection and chronic illness, to relationships, fulfillment and living your purpose, IMperfectly Healthy helps you fully embrace who you are, trust the journey of life, and hold your humanness in the arms of love. We are all here enrolled in earth school, each with a unique major(s), and ultimately the same core curriculum: coming home to our divine worth and wholeness. We humans often get tripped up by striving for perfection. We want the perfect body, perfect relationships, the perfect job, and the perfect home. Perfection is an illusion. Constantly working harder to make yourself, your body, and your life "perfect", robs you of the fullness of the human experience. If you are currently living in the world of trying to fix and change yourself, feeling like something is wrong with you…then get ready for a real transformation. The path of love, honor and wholeness awaits ….