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A podcast that celebrates the unconventional athlete.

Episode 95 – Oscar Garcia, III

Today’s guest is my brother, Oscar Garcia, III. He just returned home on September 17th from a 9-month deployment aboard the USS Monterey. In this epi...
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Episode 94 – Lucja Leonard

This episode’s guest is Lucja Leonard. This is one of those conversations I didn’t want to end. Lucja is so much fun to talk to and I want to go run w...
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Episode 93 – Mike McHaney

Mike is a repeat guest. I first had him on the show close to two years ago. At that point, Mike was new to his running journey. He’s progressed rather...
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Episode 91 – Chris Field

Episode 91 – Chris Field Today’s guest is Chris Field. I don’t even know where to start with Chris. He is so many things and fulfills so many roles. H...
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Episode 90 – Liba Yoffe

My episode 90 guest is Liba Yoffe. Liba is the founder of Spirit Fit Life, a health program that is tailor-made for each female client. Liba tells me ...
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Episode 88 – Amanda Rasmussen

If it scares you, run toward it. That’s the advice I received from today’s guest, Amanda Rasmussen. Amanda doesn’t just dish out this advice; she live...
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