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In the Apostles’ Doctrine with Matthew Popeis a new podcast, produced by EPIC Radio forEven Unto the End of the World.  This program aims to be a publication of truth centered in Jesus Sanctifier, who prayed to God that the world would be made holy through The Holy Word.  It is also centered on the theme of describing, discussing, and sending out word concerning the posts written and shared throughEven Unto The End Of The World.  Our prayer in totality is that this series will enlighten minds with The Lord’s life and fill hearts with The Spirit of God’s Presence, throughout the ages.

Assembled With One Accord

Matthew Handley joins in to discuss Matthew Pope's book Assembled with One Accord.  It was published in 2016 and is a pictoral guide to churches in Wi...
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A Day of Mourning

Matthew shares one of his first poems written after the election of President Obama.  He reflects on what it meant to Christians and Catholics in the ...
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Lucid Truth

This week Matthew discusses a poem he wrote called Lucid Truth.  It details Satan's deceptivness and the grace that can be redeemed with Christ. 
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Every Day Draweth Nigh

Matthew Pope discusses his poem Every Day Draweth Nigh and speaks personally about the death of a friend.  
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Of Yesterday

Matthew Pope discusses his new book Of Yesterday with producer Matthew Handley.  Of Yesterday is a historical guide to Wilmington, NC and is now avail...
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Your Humbleness (Part 2)

Matthew Pope continues his discusson what is authentic Catholicism.  In this episode, he covers "cafeteria Catholics" and those who pick and choose wh...
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Lord Teach Me

In the Apostles' Doctrine returns with an extended episode!  Matthew Pope diiscusses his poem, Lord Teach Me, and how sin can be, but shouldn't be, a ...
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