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Yo yo , getting back in the post, Swain chopped it up with Chicago Rap artist LVGOTNEXT. LV got more into his upbringing, Rick James influence, his ja...
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Retro Gibson

Yo yo today In The Post I chopped it with Retro Gibson. Now Retro is a rap artist, but in this episode we got into life on deeper level. We got into i...
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Pevie gave out so much game in our conversation. We got into his background, his mindset and truths he live, the importance of fatherhood, new music, ...
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Thad Lu

Thad Lu finally chopped it up with me on In The Post. Thad and me got into rap politics in the city , concepts he would teach to better the culture, w...
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Westside Trap

Westside Trap finally got in the post. We end up choppin it up about his influences, the rap scene out in Indy, How does he balance his personal life ...
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Swain finally chopped it up with Chicago rap artist Breezy. Breezy got into his hiatus from rap, the ups and downs of being an artist, his RapForAMin ...
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Kels Cash

Swain finally locked in with Chicago rap artist, Kels Cash. On this episode Kels chopped it up about what his upbringing means to him, his hiatus from...
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Lito Jordan

Lito Jordan finally got In The Post. We got into ownership, his album Thoughts Of Lito Jordan, How FOE started, and If all your karma came to you at o...
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Yung Gyo

Yung Gyo got In The Post this week and he’s a diamond in the rough. From Chicago’s southside, Yung Gyo chopped it up with me about his background, his...
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