Infinite Ultra


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Four misfit super powered folk, and one unicorn, try and make their way in the world. Hopefully without destroying it in the process.

S2E8: A Day With An Old Friend

The crew has some rather peculiar cargo, and needs to find a place to keep it. Fortunately they are in the neighborhood of an old friend, and one that...
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S2 - 7 Goosh

The crew attempts their robot friend, and finds that there may be more to the situation than meets the eye.   Music: "Smart Tech" by Scott Helms Music...
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S2 - 6: Four Lives

The rug crew have completed their task, multiple times, and take a day for themselves while things are calm.   Music: "Smar Tech" by Scott Holmes Musi...
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S2 - 5: The Hidden Benefactor

The carriers of the rug find themselves within arms reach of someone who seems to have an idea of what it is or could be used for, and investigate. Wh...
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S2 - 4: The Ratastrophe

The gang catches up with the NERat in possession of the ever valuable rug, and they must reclaim it! Music: "Smart Tech" by Scott Holmes Music, and "I...
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S2 - 3: The New Deal

Our oddball crew have banded together, and have found themselves in a particularly juicy negotiation. Music: "Smart Tech" by Scott Holmes Music, "Summ...
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S2 - 2: What's In a Rug

The crew takes a detour on the way back from their warehouse adventure and meet some interesting new folks.  Music: "Aerial" by Bio Unit, "Smailin Car...
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