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Made up by two dudes just trying to make the world a better place. We just have different views about it.

Orphans 'R Us

In light of the recent tragedies in El Paso and Dayton, the boys discuss the President's trips to hospitals in Texas and Ohio, including the ridiculou...
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Why Does This Keep Happening?

The boys return from a long absence to discuss the latest Democratic debates and the mass shootings that occurred in the last week in America. Additio...
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The Re-Election Is Upon Us!

The boys ponder on President Trump's re-election strategy and speech in Orlando, Florida, referencing key language and overall tone in his demeanor. T...
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AOC Issues and NIMBY Problems

The boys invite neoliberal sworn enemy of the pod @LandUseStan to discuss land use politics and the issues presented in a changing world of public uti...
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The Axis of Evil

The boys discuss the latest iteration of governmental inquiry into Alphabet and it's subsidiaries like Google and Youtube. They discuss the possible i...
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Mickey Mouse Bullsh*t

The boys discuss the fallen Krassenstein Bros, the Disney merger with Hulu, and the new weapon of the antifa supersoldiers: Milkshakes.Additional topi...
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Jacob Wohl, Corn Cob Special

The boys finally keep their word and dedicate a full episode to the grifter madman himself, Jacob Wohl. From his early days as a NFA fraud, to his sti...
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