Intergenerational Wizdom


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A podcast aimed to bridge the gap between younger and older folks through storytelling.

S1, E5: Sanchit Gupta

On today's episode, Sanchit Gupta discusses the story behind the creation of a social enterprise that he co-founded, Mealcare. 
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S1, E3: Older, Chelby Daigle

On todays episode, you will get to hear Chelby Daigle share her story about her experiences with her mental ilness, and how she has been able to levra...
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S1,E2: Older - Stefan Keyes

Stefan Keyes, is a son, a friend, a news anchor, an actor, and involved citizen. On todays episode, he provides us with an in depth look at what he ca...
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S1, E1: Younger - Ethan Camarena

Ethan Camarena is a first-generation Peruvian, who grew up in Ottawa, ON, Canada. Ethan is second-year student at the University of Ottawa, where he i...
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