Interrobang with Travis and Tybee


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WTF?! That's what Travis and Tybee are asking! There's so much in this world that boggles our minds and we want to figure it out with you! So join us every Thursday! Trust us, you're gonna like us when we're angry.

From Goodbye to We Love You

Warning: This episode contains strong language With special guest Jonny Sun! Discussed in this episode: Goodbye, Permanent Student, Work Ethic, Laser ...
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From Singled Out to Gym Etiquette

Warning: Strong language through out as well, Drug and Alcohol use discussed at 22:00 Discussed in this episode: Singled Out, Mean Teachers, Great Tea...
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From Six Degrees to Fast Forward

Warning: This episode contains strong language Discussed In This Episode: Six Degrees, Traffic Violation, Franklin and Highland, Rules and Regulations...
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From Doug Canon to Momentum

Warnings: Discussions of homophobic slurs and racial stereotyping in media Discussed in this Episode: Doug Canon, Character Colors, Interpretations, A...
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From Sacrifice to Intention

This episode contains strong language and discussions referencing rape and child abuse. Discussed In This Episode: Sacrifice, LA River Head, Sunscreen...
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