Interview with a Pedipod

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Interviews with leaders in pediatric orthopedics covering their careers, philosophies, home life, thoughts on the future of the field, and more.

Dr. Stuart Weinstein, July 2021

Nick Fletcher speaks with Dr. Stuart Weinstein of Iowa to discuss Dr. Weinstein's storied career, his thoughts on leadership, his work in politics and...
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Dr. Dror Paley, June 2021

Nick Fletcher speaks with Dr. Dror Paley of the Paley Institute to discuss Dr. Paley's career, his history of innovation, the development of the Paley...
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Dr. Unni Narayanan, Mar 2021

Nick Fletcher speaks with Dr. Unni Narayanan of Sick Kids Hospital and the University of Toronto to discuss Dr. Narayanan's training and career, his e...
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Dr. Scott Kozin, Jan 2021

Nick Fletcher speaks with Dr. Scott Kozin of the Philadelphia Shriner's Hospital to discuss Dr. Kozin's career, his philosophies on leadership and edu...
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Dr. Dennis Wenger, Dec 2020

Nick Fletcher speaks with Dr. Dennis Wenger of Rady Children's Hospital in San Diego to discuss Dr. Wenger's background, his philosophies on education...
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Dr. Lawrence Lenke, Aug 2020

Nick Fletcher speaks with Dr. Lenke of Columbia University to discuss Dr. Lenke's career, how he developed the skills for extremely complex spine surg...
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Dr. Mininder Kocher, June 2020

Nick Fletcher interviews Mininder Kocher, Chief of Sports Medicine at Boston Children's and future POSNA president. They discuss changing trends in or...
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2020 POSNA Young Member Forum

The Arabella Leet Memorial Young Member Forum from the 2020 POSNA Virtual Annual Meeting is chaired by Megan Johnson from Vanderbilt. Featured speaker...
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