Interviews with Famous People


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In-depth and improvised interviews with famous people.

Ido Portal

Ido Portal is a pioneering movement artist who trains some of world's top athletes, including Conor McGregor. He is an expert at Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, ...
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Conor McGregor

Conor McGregor is a world class fighter in mixed martial arts. He has competed in the UFC at three weight divisions. His outspoken personality is matc...
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Alan Sugar

Entrepreneur, billionaire, and philanthropist Lord Alan Sugar joins us in the studio this week. Lord Alan Sugar is perhaps best known for his appearan...
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Angela Merkel

This week we talk with the world's most powerful woman, Angela Merkel. Angela is a German politician and former research scientist who has been the Ch...
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David Cameron and George Osborne

Join us for an in-depth discussion with David Cameron - former Conservative prime minister of the UK, and George Osborne, ex Chancellor of the Exchequ...
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