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Mark and Jared started a company and their friends don't seem to think its a real thing. So they invite their friends to sit down and talk with them about current events, old stories, popular culture, and projects coming up that their friends don't think are real. Support this podcast:

Episode 23: Que Hora Es?

Paul and Courtney bring interesting topics like who has the best beard? Do beards win wars? Que Hora Es? Are funky socks dead? Will we find out answer...
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Episode 22: Giving Up On The Law

Sadly Stuart has given up his adventure about being a cop, and Jared goes to the wrong house. --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest w...
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Episode 21: S.I.M.P

We're still 2 months away from halloween and apparently Christmas trees are starting to pop up at Walmart. We still need to deal with the ghost haunti...
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Episode 20: 2 Cookie 2 Cake

This sequel focuses on ex-police officer Jared, who relocates from the office to the dinning room to start over. Becoming involved in the street-racin...
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Sabbatical Time

We're taking some time off but will be back Auguest 11th! --- Support this podcast:
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