Into the Stacks


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Into the Stacks is the culmination of two decades of letter writing, phonecalls and even the odd floppy disk exchanged between two friends. As they encountered love, life and that all important world of work, their love of speculative fiction kept them going. This year, as Cat moves across an ocean to Canada, their correspondence is going digital as they record a weekly bookcast talking about everything from fantasy to science fiction, paranormal romance to dystopian thrillers.

Ep. 018 - 2018 Round up

Welcome to Episode 18! In this show your hosts Cat and Ali round up 2018 as only they know how: with rambling, tangential nonsense, and the occasional...
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Ep. 016 - Halloween Special

Welcome to Episode 16, the spooky-if-you’re-a-horse Halloween Special! Your spoopy hosts talk carnivals, the American Gothic, and international IKEA m...
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