Iowa Magazine

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Iowa Magazine, produced for the Big Ten Network, is a half-hour TV program highlighting the stories and people that make the University of Iowa a truly exceptional place for research, education and innovation.

Iowa Magazine: Endeavor

"Iowa Magazine: Endeavor" features remarkable activities across art and science at the University of Iowa. In this episode, experience the art of the ...
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Iowa Magazine: Foresight

Iowa Magazine: Foresight highlights University of Iowa research and work with an eye to the future. Topics include living with floods, designing for t...
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Iowa Magazine: Excellence

In this episode, visit the National Advanced Driving Simulator; learn how the College of Dentistry is advancing oral health care; explore the science ...
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Iowa Magazine: Impact

Iowa Magazine: Impact features some of the many people and programs at the University of Iowa that are making a difference- from the front lines of pu...
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Iowa Magazine: Sustainability

In this episode: the University of Iowa takes on sustainability. From building and planning, to renewable living, learning and working for...
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Iowa Magazine: Vitality

Iowa Magazine: Vitality highlights interdisciplinary collaboration, innovation and excellence at the University of Iowa. In this episode: the Maia Qua...
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Iowa Magazine: Engagement

At the University of Iowa, engagement is meaningful interaction with the world around us. In this episode, join Iowa doctors on the Flying Eye Hospita...
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Iowa Magazine: Flood of 2008

Firsthand accounts and powerful images tell the story of the unprecedented 2008 flood that ravaged Iowa's campus and left devastation across the state...
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