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Just a couple of guys from Staten Island giving you the run down in sports Support this podcast:

Analytics in Football

In this episode Rob and Kev sit down with our pal Coach Mahoney to do a little catching up. The guys talk about the analytics that go into football an...
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Coastal Carolina Football

In one of our best episodes yet, the boys sit down with 3 fine men from the hottest college football team this year. Huge thanks to Alex Spillum, Jeff...
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Island Guys February 14th

The boys sat down Sunday night to talk some sports. The boys talk the Super Bowl and how Tom Brady is officially the GOAT. The guys always get into th...
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NHL Talk

Kevin and Robert sat down with our other guy Kevin Blohm to talk some hockey. The boys touch on the Tony D situation, where the rangers stand now and ...
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NFL WEEK 17 Wrap-up

The boys sat down Sunday night during the Eagles-Football Team game to discuss the games that went on during the day. They also touched on some colleg...
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NFL Week 13

The guys sit down for the first time ever together in the same room. We recorded last Sunday and should have put it out earlier but had some difficult...
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Hockey Talk

Rob and Kevin sat down with a good friend of theirs, Kevin Blohm to talk some hockey things. The guys talked Rangers, The recent buy-out of Ranger Leg...
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NFL Week 2

The boys sit down for the first time in weeks to discuss different things. Rob gives us the rundown of what has happened since we last recorded. The g...
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After a long week for the Mets, the guys sat down to get their anger out. If its from blowing an 8-4 lead or Cespedes getting so fed up he leaves, the...
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