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#23 - White Privilege is Real

Today, a few personal memoirs from my recent experiences with white privilege, as well as my first Starbucks coffee. Later, some takes on parenting an...
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#22 - How Far We've Come

The world is NOT ending! Humanity might be... or is it? Bask in an episode of optimism, along with one of my favorite memoirs of working... THE NIGHT ...
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#21 - 7 Sins Game

Happy 2020! I've invented the best game ever to play during the holidays, or at any other family event. Then, I bring you an amazing news story about ...
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#19 - GaZiLLioN GuNZ

Going for something a little different. I sat down with soundcloud rapper GaZiLLioN GuNZ and his parents, Bill and Wendy. They are concerned about his...
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#18 - Give 'em Coal

I'm back for the holidays with some amazing Christmas advice, a memoir from the drive-thru and a Holiday-themed ass whoopin'. As always, thanks for li...
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#16 - Phases / It

It's Funny But It's Not returns. We all go through phases in life, from our wacky young selves trying to discover who we are, to our depressing old se...
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#15 - And a Happy New Year

Baby New Year 2019's kickin' at the tummy ready to pop out. Let's take a step back and remember 2018, and prepare our resolutions for 2019. --- Suppor...
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