Jai Bajrangi


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Jai Bajrangi makes you experience the love and devotion of Lord Hanuman for Sita-Ram. Tune in to this podcast to listen to the legendary tales of Hanuman. This is a Fever FM production, brought to you by HT smartcast.

#17 Hanuman Ka Sitaram Prem

For Hanuman, no gift was as precious as the service of Sita-Ram. Tune in to find out the story behind the Hanuman tearing off his chest and finding Si...
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#16 Bharat Ka Hanuman Par Prahar

Bharat mistook Hanuman for a Rakshasa and attacked him with an arrow. He fell down on earth, but magically the mountain stayed still in the air. Tune ...
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#15 Sanjeevani Buti Ki Khoj

Hanuman on reaching the mountain had a hard time looking for Sanjeevani Buti, it almost felt like someone with ill intentions had hidden the Sanjeevan...
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#14 Makri Apsara Ka Uddhar

Sanjeevani Buti is called for Lakshman’s well being and treatment. Hanuman was the only one who could do this successfully. Ravana wanted to push hurd...
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#13 Meghnad se Yuddh

The news of Lanka’s army being demolished in the war deeply saddened Ravana. Meghnad promised to wipe out the entire Vanar Sena and capture Ram and La...
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#12 Sita’s Chudamani

Hanuman realized that burning Lanka only enhanced his beauty. He then realized that he should rescue Shani Dev from the clutches of Ravana. Tune in to...
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#11 Lanka Dahan

Meghnad brought Hanuman in Ravana’s court which was laced with Maya and glamour. Hanuman stood unfazed in Ravana’s court. Tune in to find out what hap...
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#10 Ashok Vatika Ka Naash

Hanuman was joyous when Sita blessed him with her kind words. Chanting Shri Ram’s name, Hanuman lands in Ashok Vatika with the intention of eating the...
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#9 Sita aur Hanuman ka Vartalaap

Hanuman finally meets Sita, introduces himself as Shri Ram’s devotee and gives her the mudrika as proof. Sita feels grateful for all that Hanuman has ...
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#8 Ashok Vatika

Hanuman searched every nook and corner of Ravana’s palace but failed to find Sita anywhere. Tune in to know about Hanuman’s encounter with Vibheeshan,...
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