Journey consciously on purpose


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A philosophically spiritual podcast about the virtues and tenants of our human experience, on our walk through life. ​

Episode 18 Freedom

This episode we discuss freedom, can we truly be free? What is freedom and how much of our own personal responsibility it requires.
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Episode 17 Despair

Despair/ Sadness a look at the many gifts it brings to us. The blessings that it can be if we let it. To be walked through, a period of spring-cleanin...
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Episode 16 Purpose

We delve into the meaning of purpose both etymologically and spiritually. Here we see the importance of choice in our journeying.
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Episode 14 Self-Control

Self-control seen as pause practice. The moment of pause before the action, thought or word to change the trajectory of our days as we journey.
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Episode 15 Perception

Perception- questioning its validity in our day to day living and if we can lead more fulfilled lives if we were to question its purpose.
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Kindness, begin the year right with a dose of kindness to yourself and let that bubble over into those around you. New year, new episode!
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Season2 Episode 5 Peace

Peace is knowing that all will be well, for it always is. Finding our peace within, is an immense gift we can give to ourselves and the world in these...
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Season2 episode3 Guilt

Guilt is a negative emotion which cages us in our journey, making us small. On this episode we are reminded of who we really are.
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