Journey Of A Thousand Miles


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An American Educators Adventures in China

The Last Steps #15

The Last Steps #15 After 5 months of travel Pat and Denise start their final leg back where it all started, China! In this episode they reflect on the...
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Malaysian Musings #14

Malaysian Musings #14 In this episode Denise and Pat muse about their adventures in Kuala Lampur Malaysia.   They talk about the architecture and traf...
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Vietnam Vagabonds #13

Vietnam Vagabonds #13 Pat and Denise have just arrived in Vietnam and talk about their adventures in Hanoi, Hue and Hoi An. Vietnam is a very old coun...
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Teeming Thailand Temples #12

Teeming Thailand Temples Chiang Mai Thailand is teeming with Buddhist temples. In this episode Denise and Pat share they’re experiences visiting the m...
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Thailand Travelogue #11

Thailand Travelogue #11 In this episode Denise and Pat discuss their new destination, Chiang Mai Thailand. Known for it’s elephants, temples and smile...
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Hong Kong Chronicles #10

Hong Kong Chronicles In this episode Pat and Denise leave the austerity of China for the glitz and glamour of Hong Kong. We speak on length of the vis...
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