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New shows 5 Days a week! Mondays are an interview with a successful real estate investor. I get to the bottom of their business to discover the secret to how they became successful. Tuesday through Friday is filled with small actionable advice and tips that you can use in your business to immediately help you further your success in real estate.

Episode 163 Be a lead machine

This episode I discussed the importance of becoming a lead machine. If you can find leads that turn into solid deals, the world is your oyster. Every...
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Episode 162 Desperation stinks

Episode I discuss the smell of desperation. Most people can smell it on you. Desperation is never a position that you want to make decisions out of. ...
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Episode 160 Listener questions

In this episode I'm going to break format just a little. Normally interview that I release on Mondays. Today however I want to dedicate today to answ...
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