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Things that are wonderful: the world, humanity, technology... Things that are THE WORST? Same list. Here's a new podcast from your new favorite internet crabapples, Patti & Valentina. They're gonna gripe a lot about a little of everything.

Whine and I Scream

What to do when the entire world has turned upside down? Eat ice cream. Lots and lots of ice cream. It soothes a throat that aches from coronavirus, i...
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Flip Flop Girl

Cognitive dissonance is legit. On this episode, we get to listen to Val suddenly become her mother's daughter when faced with real-life Trump defender...
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Entertain Us

The best thing on TV right now? Cheer! Follow these rascally junior college competitive cheerleaders on their journey to the big competition! Kevin Ha...
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Life Hacks

New year, new you! JTW is back to offer some hot tips on living your best life in 2020. Might as well, since the world is burning and our time is like...
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This is it guys... this is when it's all going to come together. We've finally had enough practice and we're ready for the world to hear Just the Wors...
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Episode 99: Guns & Drugs

Today we talk about Long Way Gone, the book by Ishmael Beah. It's the story of a child soldier in Sierra Leone, but the phenomenon is happening all ov...
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Episode 98: Ways to Kill a Mouse

We shall overcome! Technical problems, scheduling problems, financial problems, and mouse in the house problems. Just in time for the holiday weekend,...
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Episode 96: Trainwreck

True to form, we are back with a whimper. A few more technical difficulties... BUT WE DIDN"T LET THEM BEAT US! In this episode, we talk about the depr...
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Episode 95: Safe Sport?

We know what you're thinking. "Oh boy, here it is... a whole episode about horses. Knew this podcast was going to devolve to this." But no! Well, yes,...
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