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This is the Just Breathe Podcast, where mother and Son duo Lisa and John talk about just how challenging the people in public can be. If you Suffer from Anxiety, Lack of Sleep, Stress, or your just plain being harassed by the world, then this is the podcast for you. We just like to talk about the questionable things people do, sometimes you just need a good laugh.

8: #8 Movies and Shows

Johnny shares the Anime show and we talk a bit about the Star Wars movies and the new one coming out!  Let's see how many fans we get commenting.  
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7: #7 Fun facts about us

There may be a few things we talk about this time about us that you don't know! And don't forget to message or email us some Holiday Traditions, this ...
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6: #6 Fun Traditions

Podcast is on the normal now, October is over and we are back to a normal trend. Sharing life, and things we can all relate to. Join us and if you hav...
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