Justice with Rutledge

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I'm Attorney General Leslie Rutledge. Every week we are going to explore a new case with Arkansas roots. The cases you will hear about will involve Arkansans who have been victimized, hurt and our fight at the Attorney General's Office. I'm really excited about you joining in on this adventure. So keep your earbuds in because there's just no telling where our journey will lead. Stick around for "Justice with Rutledge."


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21st Street Posse

Before your average Arkansas attributed red and blue to the Bloods and Crips or the popularity of HBO’s ‘Bangin’ in Little Rock’, a band of ‘bangers’ ...
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Justin and Shelby's Story

Mommies normally protect their babies and read bedtime stories. But, what happens when babies need to be protected from their mommies?Support the show...
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The Black Widow

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The Shootout

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The Drifter

It was a different time back then, but even though things moved a little slower, no town could escape the kind of evil that the cross country bus was ...
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The Dorm Mother

Two lifelong friends still lived in a college town. One stuck in a struggling marriage, the other a dorm mother at the local conservative university. ...
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The Order of the Arrow

They were told “If you have a problem, fix it. If you can’t fix it, kill it.” But with this depth of evil in a small town, who would save them? Suppor...
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