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Mental Health is sometimes a topic people are scared to talk about ! Follow me on my journey of mental health as I talk about identifying triggers, coping mechanisms, being an entrepreneur while dealing with mental health , life , religion, family , friends, all of it ! Let’s talk at KeRina’s Place ! ✨

F.A.S.T. Acronym

Welcome back to Kerina’s Place roomies ! Let’s talk about self love and some quick tips for your journey
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Girl Talk !

Tria and I discuss our feelings towards the Quarantine,financial literacy, and COVID 19. Her experience and how she coped ! --- This episode is sponso...
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Married as a millennial

Me and the homie talk about him getting married soon ! I’m so excited for him but I had some personal questions I wanted to ask for myself ! I wanna b...
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I’m BACK ! For real this time !

As I talk about what self love means to me , I am open and transparent regarding how I have been feeling these past couple months . Depressed and over...
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Root #1 : My baby

As I’ve stated before my therapist had me draw a tree with roots . Each root had some baggage I was still dealing with that needed to be dug up . I wa...
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