Kids Love Balloons


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What makes you happy? The Song Nerd asks a new guest each episode, also searching for music to add to the Ever-growing Playlist of Joy.

Episode 52: Gavin Miller

Professionally he's my enemy. Lucky this is an amateur podcast! Gavin has been one of the most actively supportive friends of this podcast for a numbe...
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Episode 51: Tamara Hanssøn

Adventures in gallivanting! Back for another episode and this one runs deep. I always admire the guts it takes to travel across the seas and chase a d...
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Episode 50: Zindzi Okenyo

I took a lot from this. Actor, songwriter and Play School host... Zindzi has the perfect skill set for delving in to a childlike mind-frame and talkin...
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Episode 49: Josh Withers

Quit your job, run your own business, be your own boss. He dared to dream, took the plunge and backed himself, and I'm so stoked to have watched this ...
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Episode 48: Zoë Fox

"Why wouldn't I have a space band? And give it a red hot crack?" Zoë's attitude is precisely what I want to learn about with this podcast. She lives h...
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Episode 47: Harry James Angus

The very first song added to the Ever-growing Playlist of Joy was The Chariot by Melbourne, Australia band The Cat Empire. Today's guest is a member o...
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Episode 46: Mikey Cahill

We're back again. Kids Love Balloons. Now more than ever I need a regular reminder to look for happiness, and now more than most times, I have the spa...
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Episode 44: Slavko Kalezić

The OGAE are an organisation with branches around the world for fans of the Eurovision Song Contest. As I explain in the intro of this podcast episode...
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Episode 43: Tania Doko

Provider of the greatest "Hey Mum!" in Australian history, Tania Doko is a songwriting powerhouse. In songwriting partnership with James Roche, Bachel...
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