Late Night Randomness

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Welcome to Late Night Randomness! A place where all we do is talk about whatever comes to mind and we do whatever we want thats fun to us. Come and join us if you want.

Dev Log 2: Current Project

Just talking about the first game I'm currently making and planning to finish before October. Hopefully you guys like my ideas. Hope everyone is doing...
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Dev Vlog: 1

Attempting to Start up a Youtube channel plus a little bit about the Oculus Quest. Youtube: N...
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A Small ReBranding

Honestly forgot about this podcast. But now that I have more time than ever before, I will start trying to get into this again. Background Music: Marc...
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Fuck your maps!

Just for context, I am playing "Hollow Knight" and my two friends, Meliodas and Merlin, were both getting upset that i refused to buy a map.
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Late Night Randomness ep 1

Hey guys, the audio is a little messed up but we are working to fix it. if you have any tips on anything else we could make better, tell us and we wil...
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