Learning Stuff with Nick and Jeff


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Do you like to learn? Do you want to learn more about topics over which you have no control? You might just be in the right place. This podcast features two people searching for the place in the world. It is a true coming-of-age story where the protagonists research two topics individually and unite to teach each other, and their listeners, just what they have unearthed.

Ben Dreamin'

Jeff explores the mysterious world of lucid dreaming while Nick goes back in time to learn more about Big Ben.
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Shark A-Tick

What are whale sharks? Half mammal half killing machine of the deep? What about Lyme disease? How did it become such a massive problem in the US? Nick...
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Skewed Brews

Nick and Jeff look at things through a different lens as they try and figure out a way to compare two topics that can really change your view of the w...
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Vanilla Curses

Nick and Jeff dive deep into the world of the original (and most interesting) of the flavoring extracts while also exploring a way to say the word “fu...
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Killers and Stones

Nick and Jeff examine the origin of two of America's most rabid obsessions; one is quite dark while the other is a bit comical.
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