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I don't know what i want to do and i'm sure a lot of you can relate but i do know this doing nothing isn't going to help me figure it out, this podcast will follow my journey through trying things, experimenting and sharing my journey to you. Hopefully through my actions and my words you can find something that helps you in your own life.

Speak your truth

Speaking your truth does amazing things it can inspire someone, create new friendships, or just clear your mind- that’s what this episode of Leon talk...
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How to find your voice

In this podcast episode I dive a little into how you can find your voice out in this big bad world. Listen, try it and figure out what will work for y...
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Consciously grow| Leon talks Ep.1

We have two “worlds” colliding I call it digital vs reality which environment are you living in and how can you find balance for both. We are not taug...
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Why don’t you start

Why don’t you start is it really because if you Or is it because someone else told you that you’re not good enough or you need this- think about it an...
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