Let the Music Be Your Master

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Worship at the Alter of Sound

Hip Hop Battle Royale (Feat. H.T.)

Things get feisty as we nominate hip hop tracks to go head to head and see who wins. Tune in to see who has the best picks and/or the most convenientl...
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Ska Hall of Fame // Part 2

Wherein we share our picks for 3rd wave Ska, along with some ska-influenced tracks by other bands, and conclude with the best/worst ska band names of ...
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Ska Hall of Fame // Part 1

In this episode we are joined by special guest Brian Croxall to discuss his time in the local ska scene as well as induct our entries to the Ska wing ...
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Favorite Cover Songs – Part 2

I know you’re surprised and disappointed that the best cover of all time didn’t make an appearance on our previous episode, but there’s a good chance ...
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Favorite Cover Songs – Part 1

There are so many great covers to choose from, and here we share a few of our favorites and discuss what makes a cover stand the test of time. Also St...
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Shallow Cuts (Part 1)

In this episode we try our best to repress our music snobbery and sing the praises of popular music, specifically songs that reached the Billboard Top...
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