Let’s Tattoo About It


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Tattoos! They all have a story, so let’s talk about it!

LTAI Ep. 23 - Zodiac Part 1

In this two part extravaganza, Ashley and Bre discuss the first six signs of the astrological zodiac. So for all you astrology lovers out there, this ...
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LTAI Ep. 21 - Awareness

In today’s episode, Bre and Ashley talk about awareness tattoos. From autism to bipolar to eating disorders; it’s all about being aware and kind. This...
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LTAI Ep. 20 - Cookies and Pets

Episode twenty! No longer teenagers! Happy national cookie day everyone. In this episode, Bre and Ashley go over cookie tattoos and what they mean. Th...
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LTAI Ep. 18 - Celtic Tattoos

In this episode, Bre and Ashley go over the meaning of a Celtic tattoos. Check it out on Instagram and Facebook as well as Twitter! Rate, like, share,...
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