Life Builders By Julie Hamilton


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Build your best life with inspiring interviews designed to build a strong and healthy life on. Focused on faith-filled encouragement, breaking limiting mindsets, and uncovering the diamonds in your life to move you toward your highest potential & purpose!

Ep 123 Whose privilege is it?

The tales of the last missing chocolate chip cookie caper and thoughts about misplaced privilege.  This one word in the story of Luke 10 caught me off...
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Ep 121 From Death to Life

Like the tree in my neighborhood, things around us can look so dead, and yet there remains a little bit of life that makes its way to the surface. Tak...
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Ep 119 Temptation

We are all tempted. Jesus was too. Here are 3 big temptations he faced and how he overcame them -- self-satisfaction, the illusion of power or control...
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Ep 116 Never Alone

During this time of social distancing and shelter at home, many who already live alone are feeling the burden in an especially heavy way. You can be l...
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