Life Uncensored


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This won't be your typical podcast. What you’ll hear from us are things that no one wants to talk about - the messy uncensored realities of life, stuff that happens when no one is around. Most importantly, we'll be shedding light on sensitive topics and sharing that it’s okay to be vulnerable and transparent about your feelings. So whether you’re married, with or without kids, single, or even a single parent, remember that we are all in this together. No matter your gender, age, or your race, this podcast is for you!

Drop The Stigma

In this episode, we'll be touching on depression and anxiety and the stigma around. We believe it's time to talk less about chemical imbalances and mo...
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Slow to Speak

As humans, we are always so quick to speak and not listen. There is so much power in being a great listener. To be that better friend we have to learn...
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Get Over Yourself

Don't get distracted by the title! Often times we get defensive or offended when things aren't done or said the way we want but most of the time it's ...
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Here's to 500 plus downloads(plays). Thank you, everyone, for being a part of Life Uncensored. This podcast wouldn't be where it is without you guys! ...
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You asked, we answered.

Recently we set up something on social media asking you guys to send in some questions. Questions about us or just life in general. So here is the epi...
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When do you walk away?

Who in life has had commitment issues? Almost all of us. What it boils down to is, commitment is the little choices every day that lead to the final r...
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Are you too busy?

Finding time for yourself is healthy not selfish. So we get it we are all busy with life but there comes a time where we have to create a space for yo...
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Embracing Conflict

Do you have problems embracing conflict? In this episode we share our thoughts on some health ways to embrace conflict.  Make sure to subscribe and le...
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Intro to Life Uncensored

In this episode, you will get to know us as individuals, find out how we met, and most importantly find out the vision about this podcast! Make sure t...
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