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The Liquid Lounge with Anna Symonds

Recorded live at New West Summit 5 in San Francisco, MediaJel’s co-founder and our host Aaron Silverman has a conversation with professional women’s r...
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LL21 : Seibo Shen of Hanu Labs

On today’s episode, MediaJel’s co-founder and our host, Aaron Silverman, invites the founder and CEO of Hanu Labs, Seibo Shen, for a live conversation...
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LL20 : Jason Gilman

In this episode of the Liquid Lounge, live from the MedaiJel studio, we take a turn away from cannabis with a conversation between our host, Aaron Sil...
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LL18: JP de Guzman of TRESTL

Join us live from the MediaJel studio for a conversation between our co-founder, President and host, Aaron Silverman and the founder and CEO of Trestl...
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LL16: Jen Price of MediaJEL

In this episode, brought to you by Hoop Beauty, our co-founder and President, Aaron Silverman, is joined by MediaJel’s new VP of Communications, Jen P...
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