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Sports and Entertainment for Southern sport with an FSU focus. Host @FutureNoleDad24 and @Moorelife1 on Twitter. Follow us and enjoy.

Tangible Hype!

Brian Kelly CommentsThis Episode we discuss what position does Travis Hunter play?Big What if Peter Warrick leaves his Jr yr?
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Slingshot Engaged

We discuss this staff approach to connecting with the kids Nicco leaving the classDoes Marve have a Swag problem
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Tackling The Problem!

We talk about FSU  Revamp Oline and the Future of the Position. Will the FSU Oline be the Strength of the Team. Possible Winnable Games.Listener Quest...
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DogeCoin Conversation

DogeCoin conversation about expectations How will Elon SNL appearance affect the coinThe direction of Dogecoin
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Spring Game Review

Thoughts on the Game QB Play!Break-out Players Did we Fall Flat in a Big Recruiting Week! 
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