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Three siblings take turns inflicting cultural objects on one another... and then discussing! Please rate and review us on iTunes: And please write in with comments at

Episode 96: Age of Myth

WE HAVE RETURNED!     Celebrate our comeback with us as we discuss this "epic" fantasy novel, AGE OF MYTH. I think you can guess who picked it, and pr...
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Episode 95: Alita: Battle Angel

  After such a long break, we know you need two episodes right in a row to be fully sated, and that's why we're posting our "Alita: Battle Angel" epi...
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Episode 94 Bandersnatch

    After a long break we're back with two new episodes! Here's the first, our take on the Black Mirror choose your own adventure film, "Bandersnatch...
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Episode 93: Citizen Kane

NEWS ON THE MARCH! After our brief Holiday hiatus, we venture into the past with the earliest movie we've ever seen, and arguably the most famous, Ci...
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Episode 92: The Princess Switch

Prepare to listen to us discuss a massive crowd pleaser as we all enjoy The Princess Switch! It may be past Christmas but don't let that good old hol...
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Episode 91: Red Rising

  After a long hiatus (sorry about that) we return in full force with two new episodes. This one is a real controversy among the siblings so enjoy!
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Episode 90: The VVitch

 It may be a little late for Halloween, but really, we all know, it's never too late for a good horror movie. In this episode we discuss the 2015 acc...
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Episode 89: Maniac

Malcolm really does the heavy lifting and helps Caitlin in her struggle to summarize the hits-really-close-to-home-for-her Netflix show, Maniac. Matt...
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Episode 88: The Good Place

We discuss the critically beloved new NBC sit com The Good Place. Look, the fact is, we all love this show and have fun talking about it. Also, Matt ...
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Episode 87: Krull

Welcome to Krull, that's right, now you're on the planet,  Krull! No you can't escape, not without listening to our brand new episode! In which we di...
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