Love in America


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with Scotte & Toni Burns

Grapes of Wrath of Khan – 072

The love of Ricardo and Georgiana Montalban: Star Trek meets Corinthian leather on Fantasy Island; Foreplay chardonnay or “wining” about winter in the...
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The Right Stuff for Love – 071

John Glenn and Annie Glen - love is in the stars with one small step for a man and one giant leap for love. From tractor puller to celestial being, On...
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Ladies First – 070

Carol Burnett and her love story with life - you’ll be glad we had this time together; On the Road stays close to home with two powerful women in one ...
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Love & Haight – 069

Doc Holliday and Kate Elder - the passionate Old West tale of a gentleman dentist and a cultured dance hall girl; Boxers and woodpeckers share hard kn...
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No Greater Love – 68

Pat and Marie Tillman...and Joe Shenton - an inspiring story of love and devotion begins this episode on love in the military! Discipline can be funny...
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Just Imagine – 067

Fred and Joanne Rogers’ imaginative love story opens this episode of Love in America - Just Imagine! Also, love from the Karma Triyana Dharmachakra Bu...
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Playing Favorites, Too – 066

Alice and Sheryl Cooper Welcome you to their Lovin’ Nightmare (we hope they don’t scare you!) Also, come on a pre-journey to the Love in America 2019 ...
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Playing Favorites – 065

George and Margaret Westinghouse offer a “powerful” love from American history as we go back for seconds on two favorite stories. In the other, we tak...
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Hands Across the Water – 064

Jeb and Columba Bush and their Schoolhouse Rock love story - an international couple with a Tex-Mex flair. Come On the Road with us to Kennebunk, Main...
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Believe It Or Not – 063

Mel Brooks and Anne Bancroft, interfaith couples have faith in mixed doubles! An elegant Catholic girl from the Bronx falls for a goofy Jewish boy fro...
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