Love Me, Love Me Not


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One is single, one is married -- both are Millennial women living in NYC, navigating the trials and errors of Love, Faith, and everything in between!

Hot Girl Summer

Tonya and Marie check in to talk about what they've been up to during this Hot Girl Summer! Also, can you be in a relationship and a Hot Girl at the s...
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Emotional Luggage

Marie and Tonya are joined by their first guest -- family therapist, Denise Miller, to discuss how childhood traumas follow us into our adult relation...
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How well can you really know someone? This question answered and more as the ladies head into murky waters.
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Before "I Do"

The ladies get personal and discuss what you should know BEFORE making the final commitment to your partner. 
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Love Yourself First

If you can't love yourself, then who will? This episode dives into the importance of having  standards and a relationship with one's self first before...
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Love Languages

The dynamic duo have a powerful conversation about "The 5 Love Languages", best ways to express and receive love, and touch on insights from their lis...
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When Friends Become Family

The duo explores the dynamics of friendship and family, maintaining boundaries, and takes some advice from their listeners.
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Online Dating

Marie and Tonya discuss the benefits and challenges of meeting someone online vs. in-person. They also share the worst ways to slide in someone's DM's...
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