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Hey! My name is Pat McGinnis and this is my awesome company Gen-Tech! I’m so excited for you to meet my friends!

Episode 7: The Custodial Arts

I ran into Marge Watson, Head of Custodial Arts in the hallway and now we're best friends. We also discuss the implications of this stolen employee fo...
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Episode 6: Human Resources

Gross. We're joined in the studio by a member of Human Resources. The three of us also try out our acting chops. Plus it looks like some serious stuff...
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Episode 5: Potluck Shenanigans

We discuss our local hangout sesh at the bar this past weekend even though Kathy totally ghosted us. John continues to be coy about his secret project...
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Episode 4: The Boss's Son

We are joined in the studio by someone with way more authority than us. We also learn about the fun that the Doc has been up to. Dick was played by Ro...
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Episode 3: Three Buds Hanging Out

This week I learn more about my co-hosts Kathy Beckmen and Dr. John Kickenback. It's clear there is a lot more going on in this company and I am excit...
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Episode 2: Susan the Saleswoman

This week we are joined by Susan the Saleswoman. She didn't give us her last name - but I can tell you she's a majestic creature and I love her. I als...
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Episode 1: Is This Thing On?

Hi there! My name is Patrick McGinnis and NO I'm not Irish. I was just hired by Gen-Tech as an Intern in the IT department. While I'm stilling learnin...
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