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Khancept podcast brought to you by Green Shoe Studio. A hip hop Podcast where Khancept and Co hosts discuss any and everything thats touched by Hip Hop, Rap and Urban culture.

The Pre Show Episode

Quick pre show episode. Dj Fokuzed & Khan discuss his Upcoming show at the Apollo & some minor controversies surrounding some of the performers. Joker...
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The Cojack Episode (Part 1)

Lyrical Khantent sits down with Cojack & Jadon of The Followup Podcast and discuss everything from the start of The Followup Podcast, the Top 10 & Coj...
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The Roy Billeez Episode

Roy Billeez & Khan hop in a time machine to talk about the rap scene before social media really hit, then they discuss Roy's new Project "The Arrival"...
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The Skeptic Episode [S3E3]

*King Khancept's new single "ON A WAVE is out on all platforms!* Khan & DJ Fokuzed discuss Dj's lack of belief, in anything; even dinosaurs. Sports ta...
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The Twista Show Episode [S3E2]

Khan & DJ Fokuzed discuss everything from Khancept's latest performance with BLK opening for Twista (sort of) to the Free Agency of the NBA. A few ran...
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The Re introduction Episode

King Khancept & DJ Fokuzed return for another Season of Lyrical Khantent. We discuss the absence, new beginnings, ALOT of local hiphop news, and the N...
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