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Episode Twenty-Three

Episode Twenty-Three 01001 I am (two) living together in the same mind My body is my own and not my own { sometimes it breathes without me; } There ar...
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Episode Twenty-Two

Episode Twenty-Two >>It looks bad, Jack. There's enough evidence to convict you of a couple of major crimes, and sweet fuck all to prove your allegati...
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Episode Twenty-One

Episode Twenty-One "Do you know what we believe in," Lars started off by asking her. "What the core us of in the Red believe, what started it all?" "W...
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Episode Twenty

Episode Twenty The system was different. At first Jack nearly panicked when she realized that her three D rendering engine couldn’t handle the configu...
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Episode Nineteen

Episode Nineteen Jack didn't know what to do. It was BlackEye for sure, chatting with some dour looking guy just two tables over. It was the first she...
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Episode Eighteen

Episode Eighteen The thought of Estella Rowan reminded Jack of her purpose at the compound and renewed her resolve to find out who was behind the cons...
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Episode Seventeen

Episode Seventeen Jack stuck her key in the viewer's slot and when the friendly voice said, "Hello, b0xenjester, how can I help you?" she replied, "Sh...
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Episode Sixteen

Episode Sixteen Jack woke up with a start, and for a moment didn't know where she was. The motion of the train was so even that it was as if the train...
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Episode Fifteen

Episode Fifteen After a beer and a contraband cigarette, Jack finally got over the frustration at her inability to do anything, then spent the rest of...
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Episode Fourteen

Episode Fourteen Jack spent the evening going over the Brugges theft, comparing it to the incident in the Bellis server room. There was more informati...
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