Mad Focused


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Tom Medvedich talks about life as a photographer in NYC.

#07: Quarantine & Chill

I talk about the past three weeks stuck in quarantine, being sick of eating, IG Live, and trying to be productive.Song: "We Right Here" by DMX
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#04: Atomic Habits

Tom talks about how his fake New Year's resolutions are actually paying off, and how meditation has helped "Calm Tom" stay focused. Recorded February ...
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#02: Crushing Tiny Goals

Tom talks about losing track of reality over the holiday break, New Year's resolutions, and trying to be a marginally better person.
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#01: Picture Me Trollin'

Tom talks about the $120,000 banana, people abusing him with White Claw memes, his doughnut situation, having a very pleasant week, and also getting a...
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