Magic and Melee


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Welcome to the world of Zamnoa. A world filled with magic and other strange creatures. Adventurers come and go as they please; seeking fame, fortune, or just looking for new worlds to discover. What happens when a cat, a devil, a gnome, and a Goliath walk into a bar? Join us an find out! DM Zach King is joined by Danzer Koehler, Kim Moran, Kyle Moran, and Shane Roberts for this D&D Live Play Podcast.

Where Have We Been and Episode 8

We have been gone for a bit. Thanks 2020. But don't worry, episodes will return at a sort of regular schedule. Thanks for being patient with us! Twitt...
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Magic and Melee Ep06 - Down Time

The party enjoys some down time before taking on some jobs for the Adventurers Guild. Twitter: Zach King - DM: @superscuba_23 Shane Roberts - Galdo: @...
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Magic and Melee Ep05 - Runaway

After everything falls apart, the gang runs away to escape. What new adventures await our adventurers? Twitter: Zach King - DM: @superscuba_23 Shane R...
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Magic and Melee Ep04 - Nightmare

We catch up on what Kurai was up to and have a celebration at the Crosswinds for the destruction of the Salty Seafarer. Twitter: Zach King - DM: @supe...
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Magic and Melee Ep03 - Ryze Up!

Our four heroes have just blown up the Salty Seafarer and have all scattered. Ray needs to buy some green herbs. Galdo needs to learn what his cards d...
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