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Make Me a Gamer is a podcast where two friends get together to discuss video games. TMan considers gaming one of his regular hobbies while Harvey Z has fallen away from gaming. So now it's TMan's job to convince him to return to the world of video games while being entertaining along the way!

Episode 95 – Oddly Sexy Kano

We're back with a new episode! Despite what you might think by the title, this episode is NOT about the most recent Mortal Kombat movie. Instead, it's...
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Episode 92 – That Was Awesome!

This week on Make Me A Gamer, HarveyZ gets to talk about his accomplishment over the last year: watching 12 seasons of Criminal Minds. Then Atma and H...
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Episode 89 – Dr. Zed and His PhZ

It's a little late, but here's a special Valentine's Day episode for all you Make Me A Gamer listeners! First we talk about Bloodborne's Cum Dungeon (...
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Episode 88 – Chillus Killus

This episode is coming to you a week late because...well, there's been a lot of life happening this last week! But don't you worry, this episode of Ma...
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