Man Bites Dog

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Man Bites Dog is a weekly 10-question challenge based on weird and offbeat news stories. Hosted by Michael Hill, Grant Hengeveld, and R. Case Hill.

116 - Just Keep Spankin'

 It's week #2 of our Halloween Month! This week is all about Halloween pranks gone wrong, fake superheroes, and lots of technical difficulties.  Every...
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114 - The Adventures of Naked Man

This week it's a HEADLINE HO-DOWN! We invent new frozen dinners, discuss our favorite animals, and follow the escapades of Florida Man! Check out our ...
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113 - Callin' the Shot

This week we discuss bad words, our dream wedding, and ten more news questions mostly based in Florida. Thanks, Florida Man!  Check out our new puppet...
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110 - Panera Bagel Doordash

The news game has returned! There's a lot of talking in this one, hope that's cool. Check out our new puppet video:
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108 - Alien Eyebrows

We're back with a news game! It's been a while! Check out our new puppet video: Every week we have a ...
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