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Radical left interviews, lore and repartee from northern comedians Sean Morley and Jack Evans

Escape From Your Life | 079

Is escapism good? Or should we exclusively look at and think about human suffering? Should I feel bad when I go down the big drop on Nemesis? --- Supp...
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Nice Snowpiercer | 077

Sean and Jack discuss transport, psycho-social geography and rail guns. Could trains be more left wing? Could we imagine a “nice” Snowpiercer (2013)? ...
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Home A Clone | 075

Sean and Jack discuss the existential nightmare of clones to shed light on falling birthrates globally. --- Support us on Patreon (only if you can!): ...
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Snooze | 071

Sean and Jack talk about the politics of sleep and how the 9-to-5 model limits our health and learning. --- Support us on Patreon (only if you can!): ...
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